Urban Farm Week Three

Being in charge of the farm for Week Three, I was immediately shocked by the amount some plants had already grown since we first planted. Some plants had grown about an inch or two, while others still had not sprouted.

I first checked the plants before class on Monday, and noticed by touching the soil, they they had recently been watered so I refrained from watering the plants just yet. Some plants, the ones that have successfully grown, had been moved from the original plastic containers into water bottles so there was room for the roots to grow more. I checked the plants later that afternoon before leaving school and watered them for the night. I noticed we had just gotten these new spray bottles, that made it much easier to evenly water the plants, as opposed to just using a plastic water bottle with a hole on top. The new spray bottles made it much easier to water the plants without over saturating and drowning the plants. In addition, since some plants were in the plastic water bottles now, I made sure to refill the bottom basin of the bottles to make sure there was always enough water for the fabric cloths to transfer water to the soil.

Throughout the week I would check the farm twice a day, once in the early morning around 9:30am and once later in the afternoon around 5:00pm. Most days I found the soil to be a bit dry and needed some watering. However, from the beginning of the week to the end, I did not notice any drastic change in the plants to growth. Most of the plants that had grown a couple inches since we first planted seemed to remain in that stage, and most of the larger plants we transferred into water bottles seemed to also remain the same size. Some of the plants that did not sprout yet, for the example the peppers, still remained un-sprouted by the end of the week.

In addition to the plants, I attempted to salvage the bean sprouter planter. I was originally part of the group that tried to bean sprouter in the beginning, when we first started the farm, so I went back and researched more into this bean sprouter. I cleaned out the plastic containers and found more videos online on how to go about the sprouter. I put in more beans and made sure the red stoppers were properly in and left it for a couple days. However, towards the end of the week I saw progress was not being made, and it seemed to be getting moldy once again. I ran water through the planter again toward the end of the week and hoped for the best.

In general, I was amazed by how well the farm seemed to be doing. Not being much of a green thumb, it was sometimes hard to tell if the plants needed more watering or less, but I always tried to make sure the soil was a little damp, without overwatering. I also tried to rearrange the plants so they were getting enough sunlight, but I think an issue could have been shelf space and the lack of enough light. The bean sprouter… I’m not so sure of, because when I checked in the Monday after my week in charge, it did not seem to be doing so well.

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