This is the loom I made. I started the design with the idea of making a loom that at least has some mechanism in it. I chose to use a cam to change the height of the two roles of hooks


In the first prototype, I forgot to make something that can help to hold the hooks in place. While pulling the cam back and forth, they just came out of the rails very easily.


Meanwhile, the cam itself was not functioning as well as I expected. I glued them together with little pieces of acrylics to create a longer cam. But the power that’s on the connection part when I was pushing them was too big that it just fell apart.


I also forgot to leave some places for the shuttle, you can see that the side part of the loom is blocking the way.


In the final version, I changed the side part into a curved shape so that the shuttle can come through. The hooks are much longer than the previous version and there are also little rectangle pieces that can help to hold them in place. In the middle of each piece of cam, there’s a hole for the supporting stick to go through so that them can hold strictly in line.


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