Solar Solutions Idea Proposal: Solar-powered Flower Tower (Jamie)

What is it?

I thought of making a tower that had flowers on every level of the tower that would be watered by a solar powered mister (that would mist the flowers to water them). The mister would go off at a certain hour, which would be dubbed the power hour. The tower could also be hollow on the inside so as to fit the mister as well as any other wires and mechanisms we might need. The would make for a lovely installation, pleasing to the eye and self sustainable for the most part.

What does it look like?

It would look a bit like terrace farming, allowing us to utilize the space we have more fully by building upwards instead of out. Another possible look for this would be a topiary style, with moss, flowers, and a wire frame to hold it up. Once again everything would be hollow so we could place the mechanism within and if its in combination with another project, we could place speakers or the like within as well.

Are there any projects similar to yours?

I am pretty sure that there are projects similar to mine out there. Gardening and solar power often seem to go hand in hand.

What does it do?

It could have moisture sensors in the soil to know when it needs to be watered and when it does not. It adds color and life to the backyard scene. It would just be basically a self watering mini garden.

Is it feasible to accomplish by the end of the semester?

I think it should be fairly feasible to accomplish by the end of the semester as long as we all work together. Also depending on size, we might need to scale up/down to have the appropriate amount of mist in relation to the amount of plants.

Is there enough sun to power it?

Depending on where it’s placed, I suppose there could be. Since the mister won’t need that much sun to be powered, I think it is possible but would need to go through a period of trial and error.

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