Integrating audio into images on Processing by Serena Uy

This week’s lab was actually an interesting one (not just because of the activity) mainly because NYUSH’s Class of 2020 students came to visit our recitation. My group mates Xavier and Farrell and I spent a few minutes talking to them about IMA and why we all unanimously think interaction lab is such a cool class! 🙂

To show them what we do in interaction lab, we had the students look at our task for today’s recitation and even give us some input. For instance, one of the students chose the song that we had playing on the background of our image of Hong Kong (which Xavier found online).


Farrell and Xavier working


Video link to our finished product

The task admittedly took longer than expected because the buzzer (activating the audio) initially did not work. However, we finally got it to work and play just how we wanted it to be.

Overall, it was fun working with Xavier and Farrell and I will definitely miss having them as classmates! 🙂


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