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At this point in time, we have all of the phones that we need, as well as the materials to construct the “ribs” structure of the installation. We have sorted the phones out into ones that will light up when plugged in, and ones that will not. For the ones that will not light up, we have dissembled them and removed their screens. In the empty space where the screens were, we will place LEDs which we will power in place of a phone screen.

For Thursday

For Thursday, we will present the network of phones which will go on the rib structure. Since the structure itself will be large and must be made to fit the installation space, we will not present that portion in class. Between now and Thursday, we need to put LEDs into the phones that do not have screens, and solder on their connections. We will decide the layout of the network and how much wire is needed, and then connect all of the components. We also need to create the circuit that will attach our phone network to the main solar panel.


12V battery? Probably? Maybe? We shall test.

User Experience

Users will experience this installation by walking beneath it. The phones will hang from a rib-like structure that is mounted beneath the overhangs that mark the smoking area in the backyard. The phones will be lit up (either by their screens, or in the place where their screens should be), and hung by their connecting wires to the larger network of wire connecting all the phones along the ribs.

Where it will go











It will be attached to the bars along a section of this overhang.


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