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1) Where you are in the production process:

After a long process of finding the needed material and testing out the feasibility and capability of these materials according to our project space, our concept is fully planned out (down to the last measurement) and our materials finally secured. We have tested out all the phones and checked if they worked. Of the 31 old phones that we acquired, about 4-5 of them have working batteries and screens that light up. The rest are either missing a working battery or have far too specific a charger for us to find. For these phones, we dismantled them to view the inner workings of each and took out the screens. With the hollow place where the screen will be, we intend to place an led. We also disposed of the batteries that are no longer needed.

Going forward, we will need to place an led into each one of the screens and solder these leds to wires securely. We will then secure these phones and wires to our structure and then install the structure to the our project space (which is the overhang by the smoking area).


2) How you will finish your project for presentation on Thursday and what you will present:

We will try to finish the project up until the installation part by Thursday. We will make sure that the phones are well connected. If possible, we would like to attach the connections to the sturdy structure, but we will have to gauge if attachment to the structure immediately will be hard to move the entire structure around and present on Thursday (we could show both parts separately and only attach during installation). We will be leaving only the installation part for the installation date as we may need the structure to be on display for the ima show.

We will present the process behind our concept, the various difficulties we ran into, how we overcame these problems, and a retelling of the steps we took to reach our goal. We will have photographs and videos of our process to present and explanations of why we chose to use the methods we used.


3) How much energy your project will need:

We think we will be using the 12V battery.


  1. What the user experience will be:

The users will walk underneath the overhang area and gaze up at the mobile phones hanging above them. The mobile phones will be lit up by an led within. Users can see these junky old mobile phones lit up, visual commentary on the growth of technology and the pace of societal technology use, as well as on the waste generated from it.


  1. A photo of where your project will go in the garden:

Our work will be displayed here. The wire ribs will go across the overhang to hug either pole on both ends. Phones will hang down from the ribs.

Solar Solutions Final Projects

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