Solar Solutions: Solar Art Piece Update

I will begin this update by contextualizing the creative process and issues we have faced. The biggest struggle we have had so far was obtaining the cell phones that were integral to the aesthetic and artistic meaning of the project. While we had ordered a few old cell phones from a vendor on Taobao, and these had operated satisfactorily, we had found out that this vendor wouldn’t give us a fapiao. This meant¬†that we would have to pay for the cell phones personally, as the lack of a fapiao would prevent us from being reimbursed. While we did eventually find a way to acquire the cell phones, the loss of time between when we wanted to order and when we actually received some set us back. Therefore we are a little behind, as we¬†still have to: light up all the cell phones, wire them in parallel, erect the metal ribs, and connect them to power.

I believe that building the metal structure on Wednesday and finishing wiring the cell phones together would allow us to at least have some working model going by Thursday. Therefore, on Thursday we should at least be able to present a build, if not functioning, version of our solar art project.

Based on the fact that all but 4 of the cell phones will house LEDs and placed in parallel, we know that a small voltage of around 3-5 volts would be ideal. However, the cumulative total of 1.08 Amps and possibly 12 volts.

Ideally, the user would be walking through the sitting area in the backyard and eventually reach the segment where our installation is placed. Cell phones housing the LEDs would light up and move with the wind, giving a serene, natural feel to an otherwise ugly technologic aesthetic. When viewed at night, the installation would hopefully allow for the user to experience a starlight effect.

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