Final Project – A Documentary Shanghai Halal Cuisine | 纪录片《舌尖上的上海穆斯林》

We are Susan and Quintus. Our Street Food & Urban Farming final project is in form of documentary. Our documentary explores the life of typical Muslim couple who moved to Shanghai and prepared to live here for years.

Our project is 28 mins long and consists of 8 parts: 1. Overview of Friday market(Muslim market), 2. Introduction to the couple Mr. Ma and Mrs. Ma, 3. Their preparation for Friday market on Thursday, 4. Their business in Friday market, 5. Their the other identity of being an owner of a halal supermarket, 6.  Their religious life about going to the mosque on Saturday and delivery food product to restaurants, 7. Couple Ma’s monologue(ideas & thoughts) 8. Summary

We really did a kind of long-term project because we got in deep touch with the couple Ma and became good friends with each other. It’s our pleasure to have them in our life and know more about their religious life and expectations towards Islam religion’s development in Shanghai. They are really good people being nice and warm-hearted to everyone. We actually feel sorry to bother their life and appreciate them for their patience and kindness.

Below is our documentary on YouTube. Enjoy it. (Please do not use it for business reason :D)

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