Mysterious Wifi Progress Update

In terms of our production process, we have already designed the notebook site. You can type in text, submit it, and it will show up on the page. The hotspot is functioning and can be connected to from any device which will then be able to use the website.

Right now, what we need to finish for Tuesday is connecting the webserver so that it can save the message log. Although the messages are saved and shown for one user, not everyone sees the same thing. Once the webserver is working, we will just want to polish the front end more.

On Thursday, we will show a demonstration of the website. We will use two computers and show that what is added on one is also added on the other. We will also invite our audience to connect to the hotspot on their phones and also send messages.
The user experience will involve discovering our network, and then connecting. The main experience will be on the chat page itself. The experience can either be a passive or an active one; users can choose to either just read what other’s secrets are, or post their own secrets.


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