Mysterious Wifi Final Documentation

The final result of our project has gone through a long journey to get where it is now. The main idea is still there, a notebook on an isolated self contained network where people can write their secrets. What has changed is the technology used to implement it. Originally, we wanted to use the Raspberry Pi. I found several tutorials on turning the Pi into an access point and even managed to get the wifi working. However, configuring the dhcp server would not work even after clearing the system and reinstalling everything. After working with the Pi for about two weeks, we decided to use the Node MCU since it is much simpler to use but still has the capability to work as an access point and host a web server. Prudence worked extremely hard to get the web server and access point to work on the MCU, and I wrote the javascript for writing messages to the website.

Right now the project works like this. When a user writes something to the notebook, the message is added to the end of the URL so that it can be read. The message is then written to the SD card (because the space on the MCU is not very large). The server reads from the SD card, and then writes that information to the page.

Now all that is left is advertising and getting people to use it. I have several friends who are currently freshman, and I will get them to spread the word to others who will still be around next semester. I also really like the idea of creating posters around school with a simple message asking for people to share their secrets.

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