Final Project for Paper Arts and Solar Solutions // Ewa Oberska

My final project was an interactive solar powered book of essential knowledge for children. That was actually the best and shortest version of the name of the book that I managed to come up with.

The first stage of creating the book was making numerous sketches and plans of it in my sketchbook. I planned all the materials, scripts, made a schedule and planned out the layout of each page. I usually just improvise and work on my projects until they accidentally start looking good however, I did not want to risk this time because of the very limited amount of time and quite an ambitious idea, I believe.

I started the production process with making Adobe Illustrator designs for laser cutter. It actually gave me some grasp of Illustrator as I had never properly used it before. I cut out all the movable and interactive components of my book from wood however, I cut out only their contours so that there would be plenty of space to fill out using paper-cut elements.

There is one example of my paper cutting below. At first, it might look a bit as if it had been painted, but all the small components were painfully paper cut.Except the solar panels, I made them using little broken pieces of solar cells that I had left from making my own solar panel for this project.


In the book all of the pages were covered with paper cut pieces. Also, some wood compartments were “camouflaged” and entirely covered in paper. Like below. In this case the paper covers all the circuits that are on top of the wooden “page”.


The circuits were quite a difficult task and took me countless hours to finally make them all work. The problem was that I did not want to have a book with a thousand wires sticking out of it. I decided to use conductive tape which turned out to be quite difficult to work with in case of bigger projects like this. However, I did eventually make it all work.



Overall, I believe I learnt quite a lot while doing this project. It was so much more time-absorbing than I ever expected, but I was quite happy with it.

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