Lab4-Ultrasonic sensor test


This time, I pick the ultrasonic sensor to play with.

The problem we met here was the wiki page was down and the code found online was not valid.

But the solution was quite easy also: we just used the ‘ping’ example in Arduino software. So this time I learnt that it is basic and effective to apply the original examples.


unsigned long echo = 0;
int ultraSoundSignal = 9; // Ultrasound signal pin
unsigned long ultrasoundValue = 0;

void setup()

unsigned long ping()
  pinMode(ultraSoundSignal, OUTPUT); // Switch signalpin to output
  digitalWrite(ultraSoundSignal, LOW); // Send low pulse 
  delayMicroseconds(2); // Wait for 2 microseconds
  digitalWrite(ultraSoundSignal, HIGH); // Send high pulse
  delayMicroseconds(5); // Wait for 5 microseconds
  digitalWrite(ultraSoundSignal, LOW); // Holdoff
  pinMode(ultraSoundSignal, INPUT); // Switch signalpin to input
  digitalWrite(ultraSoundSignal, HIGH); // Turn on pullup resistor
  // please note that pulseIn has a 1sec timeout, which may
  // not be desirable. Depending on your sensor specs, you
  // can likely bound the time like this -- marcmerlin
  // echo = pulseIn(ultraSoundSignal, HIGH, 38000)
  echo = pulseIn(ultraSoundSignal, HIGH); //Listen for echo
  ultrasoundValue = (echo / 58.138) * .39; //convert to CM then to inches
  return ultrasoundValue;

void loop()
  int x = 0;
  x = ping();
  delay(250); //delay 1/4 seconds.

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