Week 8: Audio Project by Young(Vasudevan)

Xuanyang Wang/Qinfei Zou

Our project was built on the idea of collecting different accent of English speakers and remix them together. It was supposed to be a funny project. But, suggested in the class, we want to record the material by ourselves from NYU students. There comes the problem that most of the students do not have the accent. Thus, we change our plan,  instead we want to collect the different languages and remix them together.

Most of the audio materials are recorded by the device borrowed from the LAB. Then we use the Adobe Audition to polish the voices and put them together. The trick is that when the voices are closely linked, it sounds odd. So we put a second between each sound. And due the monotone of the product, we also add a background music. The BGM is also remixed.

And for the website, we use the examples in the class. We put the country flags of the languages we recorded on the page. Click on it, it will play the separated voices. On the top, the I set a button to control the audio:

function toggle(){

And use a div and innerHTNL to imitate a subtitle board:

vid.controls = false;
vid.addEventListener(“timeupdate”, function() {
var aTime =parseInt(vid.currentTime);
cap.innerHTML = “English”;
}else if((11<aTime)&&(aTime<15)){
cap.innerHTML = “Hungary”;
}else if((16<aTime)&&(aTime<20)){
cap.innerHTML = “French”;
}else if((21<aTime)&&(aTime<25)){
cap.innerHTML = “Portugese”;
}else if((26<aTime)&&(aTime<32)){
cap.innerHTML = “Spanish”;
}else if((33<aTime)&&(aTime<40)){
cap.innerHTML = “Indonesia”;
}else if((41<aTime)&&(aTime<50)){
cap.innerHTML = “Korean”;
}else if((51<aTime)&&(aTime<54)){
cap.innerHTML = “Chinese”;
cap.innerHTML = ” “;

The problem is that, the flag pictures are onloaded, so it appears in the bottom part of the website. But we want to put the player button and the subtitle board in the bottom.

In the project, I experience the way to remix the sounds, which is so exciting. Looking forward to the next project.

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