Week8: Video Project proposal by Xuanyang,Cyndi and Marisol (Vasudevan)

It is lucky to work with my new teammates. For the project, we want to make a music video.

It is about a love story between two college students that bumped into each other in the hallway and then from there on the boy cannot stop thinking about her. The boy is actually an artist and he gets so fascinated by the beauty of the girl and obsessed with it that he gets to the point that he follows her and hides so he can be able to capture her beauty in a painting. The painting becomes a masterpiece but one day it becomes stolen and the thief leaves a note telling the boy that if he wants his painting back they should meet in the accorded place and time. When the artist agrees to meet and gets to the place he first discovers another painting very similar to his but the difference was that instead of the girl, it was a portrait of him. Then he turns around and finds out that the thief was actually his beloved one and she was the one that made his portrait. So there is a scene where it is like a flashback where it shows that in fact the girl had been doing the same thing as him, she had also followed him everywhere and was also in loved with him, making his portrait. So it ends up with a scene where both are together and the camera makes a close-up to the portraits that actually showed how both of them were always looking at each other.

And since it is a music video, we want to make a remix song, maybe one of Madonna’s, as the background music. We think that with different tones remixed we can actually play with the camera effects and not make the video that simple, it would look good with scenes changing according to the rhythm and good video effects.

Besides, based on the story, we have not decide whether it should  be sad or funny or sweet. Neither have we decide the role each of us would play. So there are still a lot to be discussed.

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