Week 12: Hackers and Painters and Proposal by Xuanyang Wang (Vasudevan)

Hackers and painters are both makers. They are trying to make arts. They will discover new technologies during their creation, but that is different from doing research. I think, in some way, hackers are closer to painters than they are to programmers. They do not have the perfect designation at the beginning. They learn by practicing and examples. Both hackers and painters think of their audience. They have to assume the audience know nothing about their products and think as the audience think. That is the most important thing I learn from this reading, when making things, we have to think of the users to improve the product.

In the second reading, Computers, Pencils and Brushes, the author mentioned about the problem that computers are replacing the manual tools like pencils and brushes. He said that the computer makes people easier to achieve their goal with a sense of accomplishment. I think that the key to solve this problem is learn to control the computer instead of controlled by it. We always seek easier ways to solve problems. However, sometimes, the traditional methods have the effects that can never be replaced. Also, all these complicated new inventions are originated from the old tools. As a result, we should never abandon the manual tools.

For the final project, I want to build a project on smart health consulting. For example, if you type in the height and weight, it will show you how many miles you should run per day. Or give you a healthy diet list for suggestion. Or maybe I will focus on the guidance on working out. I have not decided the details but Health is the theme I want  to work on.

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