Mixed Reality Story and Response by Tyler Rhorick

What do you think a future full of ‘augmented reality storytelling’ might look like? Is it full of computer-generated characters interacting on a table, or will it be the complete, believable fusion of the real and digital acting on the subconscious mind to elicit a powerful emotion responses? How else might we augment reality? How could we craft more powerful narratives by augmenting reality?

If I am completely honest, a future full of augmented reality scares me to some extent because I fear that people may become increasing connected to devices and start to replace real experiences with those that are augmented. While many people already view life through a screen, if a screen becomes a way to transform the way you view life, as augmented reality could do, I think we might be approaching a reality similar to dystopian-esque episodes of Black Mirror where real life begins to become secondary to this digital one. At the same time, I think that we can use augmented reality in a documentary film sense to further educate and communicate understanding, or to more literally put you in the shoes of others to better understand what might be like if you were in different circumstances. To craft these kind of stories I think is powerful, but also comes with increased responsibility, since with giving people the ability to create real experiences, you also give them the ability to create fake and yet realistic ones.


To start you enter a fabrication lab and have access to supplies. At this stage of the experience you can select what kind of material you will use.


After you select a material you can go to your desired fabrication means to select a design.

After this you can select a design to make and create.


After creating this object, you feel something attracting you to touch the object.

Once you touch the object you realize that you’ve made real objects out of fabrication materials.

I imagine that this idea could be scaled up to create this kind of “Maker God” environment where you can use digital fabrication to create real world elements. 

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