Assignment 4b: The Mind of a Robot

The central theme of The mind of a robot is intelligence. In the article, Brady and Hu discuss the various abilities that characterize theory of mind in the context of robots and artificial intelligences. According to their framework for theory of mind, any intelligent being must be able to react and plan, continually interpret and process information, adapt to uncertainty, have purposive behavior, and display emergent properties. In their detailing of these abilities, the authors bring up the contemporary state-of-the-art at the time, 1994.

Overall this was a very interesting read. The authors make compelling arguments for each of their points by substantiating their claims and illustrating with robotics. With their five enumerated abilities, the authors seem to be headed in the direction of artificial general intelligence and generalized learning. Furthermore, the points that Brady and Hu make throughout the article are in line with current ideas on how to solve this ongoing problem.

The article itself shows a high regard for robots. While the article reads as a technical report, the philosophy of intelligence is a core theme. While robots are not yet fully intelligent, the authors’ treatment thereof suggest that they already conceptualize robots as intelligent beings.

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