Robotics | Assignment 4b | Response to “The Mind of a Robot [and Discussion]” | Gao Yang

In The Mind of a Robot [and Discussion], Michael Brady and Huosheng Hu talked about the usage of AI in robot technology. AI stands for Artificial intelligence, which will add more function to robots that can make it act more like human or more fit human’s need.

Nowadays, robots become more and more intelligent, the technology of AI becomes more and more popular. Like the authors say in the article, “work in robotics offers the study of intelligence insights gleaned from building autonomous agents that operate purposefully in the real world”. AI technology will stronger enough in the future and let the robots “have mind”. Then they can serve the human better and better.

When I read the article, several questions come to my mind, what if the robot is as smart as human or even smarter than human? If so, how can people control robots? How to make sure robots will not attack people? Can human use the AI technology on robots to apply on ourselves? If so, are we human or robotic human? How’s the difference between each people? Will we be the same in the end? I think there are several rules to control the potential problems that may harm human beings and people can treat the technology correctly.


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