Second Recording: Tianzifang Street food

This sound is tasty!

For this recording, I went back to Tianzifang in the afternoon. It was Sunday afternoon, there were many people hanging out there. I set up my mic and tascam on the table that I used last time, and headed off the streets to find sounds to recored.

This time, I am more familiar with the mic and tascam. So I can hold them tight and gently at the same time to avoid scrubbing my jacket. And this time, the goal is more clear in terms of finding sound to recored. I think it would be better to find a handcraft store and recored the process of hand crafting. In Tianzifang, you can find many stores selling hand crafts, but it need a little time to fins a store that actually does handcraft. So it takes some time. But as I was walking, I practice holding the mic and adjusting the input volume.

The first handcraft store I find is a silver decoration store. A guy was sitting on a chair, holding a lighter to fire the little silver rings. He was going to make a bracelet. I asked for his permission to recored the process. He said ok. And I enjoyed recording it while watching him firing the silver rings. That was a pleasant sound. I bet he enjoyed the sound while working too. But the problem with recording is: the background noise was too loud, and it is because there was another sells man yelling on the door of the store advertising their silver decoration. I tried to put the shot gun mic as close as possible to get the sound of the fire and also the sound of silver tingled. But I didn’t want to burn up the wind blocker.

So, I needed to find another sound. As I walked along the streets, I was attractive to a tasty sound. So I went closer to have a look. There was a lady making street food with shrimp and flour and vegetables. Listen to the sound and you will hear her talking to the customers, her peddling and also a man sining in the back, he was preparing some vegetables.


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