Week 3: Complete Action Recording (CHEN)

I went to the AGIF office to record my action. My friend Danny was setting up the lobby area for a meeting. The very beginning of the recording you hear us walking into the lobby where the meeting will take place. He first brought in more chairs and scooted other chairs around. I had my input levels set at 80, but didn’t realize how loud the chair moving would be, so I had to adjust the input levels as well as trying to move further away from the sounds. I then followed him out the door into the kitchen to pick up some apples and bananas. I was able to pick up some nice sounds of Danny punching in a code on a keypad. We walked through the halls and I picked up some nice conversational sounds. Back in the lobby, Danny was setting up his computer to have the correct slides up and ready. Then the recording ends.

Most of the pitches were low (beside the beeping of keypad and some high-pitched voices of women). Besides the relatively long stretches of walking sounds, most sounds ended quickly and were either repeated (moving chairs) or didn’t happen again (keypad). The sound of the chairs gave me a feeling of brown and raw while the keypad gave me a sense of tinyness and maybe a yellow color. The keypad was definitely staccato sounding. The chairs moving felt like half notes. They came in not attacking, were there for longer than the keypad, but not super long, then stopped for the next sound. Most of the sounds were coming from in front of me as I was walking and standing. I tried to stay out of Danny’s way and not stand too close to the loud noises.

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