Week for: record action

So I went back to the coffee shop where I was recording last week and first I recorded a person buying hot chocolate but when I realized it was less than 2 minutes , I decided to do something else. I recorded a person working on their laptop and drinking coffee. This is something really typical for this coffee shop and I guess for most coffee shops in cities. I wonder why don’t these people go home and write their emails there? Is it possible in our urban environment to stop working? Thus, this audio piece represents the new never stopping, never quiet Shanghai to me where people never stop, not even for a coffee. I also don’t quite understand how can people work in an environment where the music is laud. Are they filtering out the noises of the city? I sometimes realize that if I really want I can lock out all the noises of my environment from my brain and through this assignment I realized how much I don’t listen, I don’t even hear the clicking noise of my keyboard anymore or the sound of drinking coffee.


I had some problem with NAS so I uploaded the audio to SoundCloud.


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