Week 2-NIME-In-class documentation-synthesis instrument

In week 2`s lecture, we learnt how to assemble 555 or amplifier. I chose to assemble the amplifier in class because I thought this might works together with my piesel disk. It took me a long time to finish this and it took longer than I expected due to the complicated circuit.

Later for this week, I tried to dismantle the toy I brought to the class. The result looks pretty well. I have been able to explore where the speaker is and how the circuit works under the guidance of Antonius. I managed to create the rhythm by the  “barf” of little dogs. However, unfortunately, I burnt the circuit one day before the performance. I have to think about new ideas.

WechatIMG3Thus, I tried to connect the piesel disk I made last class with the amplifier. I thought it might be a good idea to amplify a sound from my iPhone of laptop and combine it with the amplified sound from nature. Therefore, I have connected the piesel disk with amplifier on the same circuit.WechatIMG2

Last time, when we were asked to make instrument that amplified the sound of lipstick painted on the napkin. Whats more, Therefore, I have picked a song from a lipstick“I got you” advertisement and matched with the pound of lipstick on the napkins. I used it as the sound of drums and match with the rhythm of beats of the song. I had also received some suggestions towards my instrument last time. I should works on my performance perspective and improve on how the audience will perceive your performance. Therefore, for this time, I have tried to make the theme of lipstick advertisement as explicit as possible to the audience. Thus, I have designed to paint the lipstick on the napkin and pick up the napkin, cover it on my mouth. I tried to show the normal lipstick advertisement content.



Below is my performance in class:

After class, from the feedback of our classmates, I knew that audience may perceive different perspective with your theme. It might be a hard thing to let your audience know what you want to express immediately. Also, make the performance attractive all the time is also a thing to consider.

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