Week 6: Reading (ComLab) (Vasudevan)

Theft and Artistry

When appropriation (which is related to art and culture), should we take along the original sense behind the art or culture, should we just “remix” it as much as we want, like what Paul Simon says, “…they play their best, I’m going to play my best”. He means that he will make the best use of what he appropriates in his own (understanding) way, regardless of the origin. Or, should we keep the respect towards the origin piece, for instance, in the case of “Hymn For The Weekend” pay more attention to the background Indian culture. It’s still for debate.

Cant stop wont stop

“Can’t stop won’t stop”, like the title is showing, music is just like time itself, lying along Jamaica spirits’ past, now and future. Doesn’t matter whether music and dance have already become part of the gene of those people or not, people are used to use music and dance to express stress, rage and hope, within which political appeal can be read, to a extent that the political parties have to pay attention to the music life (music fair). (because that the country ‘s economy is growing but people at bottom class suffer, in 1972 PNP was voted to in charge of the government, in replace of JLP). KOOL HERC’s early life in NYC refreshes my cognition towards music: music is more close to violence than it looks like. The thing is, while music is a way of expressing emotion, on the other hand, violence is also one way to get the same purpose. If violence represents destruction, music also does. When the situation is hard for the people to make a live, not only they use music to show their expectation, but also to drain the sense of destruction. They want to destroy something, since they are already in the situation where they have nothing to lose. Even when some of them have gone outside, the destruction is still within their (produced in the future) music. I think the process of “Become American” also contains such trace: abandon the person as a Jamaican and reborn as an American; Death and Reborn, Destruct and Rebuild, as an individual. They are able to do this because the Jamaican are free spirits, such free spirits that political power has been forced to concession.

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