Midterm Project Roberto Noel- NFC Door Unlock

Roberto Noel
Midterm Project
Professor Marcela

NFC Door Unlock
Partner:Robeter Prast

Materials: Breadboard, Arduino UNO , NFC Module from DFRobot, 360 Degree Servo, Duct Tape, Wires

Idea: Our idea came from wanting to make getting into the dorm room simpler. Every student already has to have their NYU student cards on them to sign out of the dorm, so it would be beneficial to have a system to incorporate this technology in our rooms. At first I wasn’t quite sure of the popularity and simplicity of NFC, but after realizing how reliant Apple Pay and Google Pay are on this technology it seemed to be a perfect fit for our idea.

Code: Our code wasn’t too complex, however in order to work with our specific NFC module we had to use a custom library to make things works smoothly. This was pretty easy to do, since you can just drag the file into the library folder. Controlling the servo was quite simple too since I had worked with servos in my last project. The code overall is simple and easy to follow.

Implementation: To bring our idea to life, we simply tapped the NFC module and arduino UNO to the front of the door in the center, and used long wires that ran through the crack in the door to a servo on the other side near the lock. Although not the most elegant design, it was functional and got the job done. The servo pulled down a duct tape piece that was connected to the lock to forcibly unlock the door. After finding the best location for the motor, the door unlocked easily.
breadboard2 servo

Conculsion and What I learned: Doing this project, I learned a lot about the application of NFC technology, and how it is so common place in our daily life now. Additionally, I learned about how the arduino communicates on the RX and TX pins. In the end, working on this project was fun, rewarding, and taught me alot about using ardiuno.

One thought on “Midterm Project Roberto Noel- NFC Door Unlock

  1. hi Roberto,

    the same that I commented on Robert’s documentation….

    I’m glad you used a different type of technology, but it would have been good to add something new to a system that is already in the market.
    The design also needs more work, it should be more as a product that is ready to instal, rather than a prototype.

    In terms of documentation, it would be better to see more about your process of design, more comments about what things you think you should improve, and also have better documented the NFC Sensor and its library, and the Arduino circuit will help future students to use this too.

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