Field Trip to Autodesk and Stamp Documentation

Instructor: Professor Dan

Author: Andrew

Today we took a field trip to Autodesk where we learned about the development process and the importance of 3d cad in the modern software developing world. The 3d cad models used for printing and animation seem very important, especially at the rate that products are being produced and fabricated every year. As I begin to plan for my future projects, I see the usefulness of being able to make a mockup quickly on the computer and a 3d model being able to test my creations quickly. I have previously used Autodesk Inventor before to make 3d cad mockups, so being able to see the logic behind the business itself was very interesting.


Illustrator Stamp

Using Illustrator was similar to using Photoshop, however, there were several features that I was unfamiliar with and the object and vector differences proved to be kind of confusing. What I found most impressive was the fact one can import a picture and illustrator can generate a vector image based on the qualities of the picture. However, as I was doing this I could not remove the white parts of the image; I later found out that the white parts of the image could be removed through the advanced features located in the sidebar under Image Trace >> Advanced. However I did find it pretty useful to generate clean vector graphics based off previously blurry pngs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 3.03.20 AM Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.46.32 AM

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