Ecovative and Mushroom Bricks Reading Response

I really like the idea of using mushrooms as packing material. But what I wonder is, is this project viable on a large scale? Would it be cost-effective and incentivize larger corporations to adopt this as their packing material? Or would this product just stay in a niche market. Looking at the shop of the store, it says that a packing box for three bottles of wine would cost $15. I am sure that conventional cardboard packaging is much less than that. $15 is a huge sum of money to pay for packaging. Other than the business aspect of the product I believe it a very innovative and creative idea. Of course it would be ideal if it were most cost-effective.

I really think that Phillip Ross using mushrooms as building material is a very cool idea. But again I question whether it would ever become more than just art. Could it become an actual structurally stable building material for buildings? Perhaps in less developed countries, this idea has more traction. As an art though I believe it is a very cool material. To me, it is not aesthetically pleasing, and I’m not sure how it would smell in the gallery. But it is just the idea of combining biology and art that makes it interesting to me.

The obvious potential benefits of both the projects are that they are environmentally friendly, and find an alternative use for mushrooms other than just consuming.

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