Interaction Lab: Lab 10-3D Modeling (Daniel)

Lab Date: April 21, 2017

Instructor: Professor Dan

Aim of Today’s Lab: Create a 3D Model (wearable device, game controller, etc) using Tinkercad.

My choice was to create a game controller that uses an accelerometer.

-Materials needed: Accelerometer, Tinkercad, Caliper

I started with the basic design of the controller. I created a box in the middle and then created two handles by putting two torus ,and attached them to the parallel sides of the box. I made sure that the size of the handles were big enough to be held by measuring my own fingers and comparing them to the size of the torus that were sticking out from the box.

My next concern was creating a space for the accelerometer. First, I made a box shaped hole in the middle of the controller. I made the hole to be 25 mm for width and length since the length and width of the accelerometer were both 20 mm. I made the depth to be slightly deeper than the height of the acclerometer (since this data was not provided on the data sheet, I had to measure it using caliper) so that it would not stick out from the controller.

The last step I took was to create spaces for the screws to hold the accelerometer. I made holes using two cylinders with the radius of 1.1 mm. I picked the size after looking at the data sheet of accelerometer and figuring out the radius of holes for the screws. This activity was a bit challenging since I had a hard time aligning everything perfectly. Also, it was difficult for me to get the space between the holes right ( I measured using a ruler).

Conclusion: I realized how fun 3D designing can be. I also noticed how difficult it could be since I had to pay attention to minor details. I learned how to use Tinkercad and understood 3D designing better.

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