Lab 10: Tinkercad 3d printing

Author: Andrew Huang

Instructor: Professor Dan

Lab Date: April 21st

Today we learned how to make a 3d model in Tinkercad in order to learn how to make something on the 3d printer. The assignment was to make a mount which would house two parts in order to combine them. I made a mount for the stepper motor in order to hold the security camera / webcam but in reality, it could be adapted to hold anything rectangular of similar dimensions. After I had tediously figured out how to extrude properly in in Tinkercad with help from Marcela, I then used the caliper to measure out the rod dimensions of the Stepper motor and an approximation of the size of the webcam. Afterwards I extruded a hole accomodate the axel, the square shaped hold for the webcam, and two triangle shaped things for style and support. Overall, I found this lab a good challenge for figuring out how to create a concept in my mind in a 3d space. And finding out the orthogonal view made it very helpful to snap my pieces together, making sure everything is properly centered and aligned.

My final product is below:

Fantabulous Borwo-Sango (1) Fantabulous Borwo-Sango Fantabulous Borwo-Sango (2)

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