“Grass Beard” Update #1 – Digital Farm

Date: April 21, 2017

Instructor: Dan

This is the first of two updates for our experimentation with grass.┬áTo my surprise, when checking on my grass after not watering it for some time, the seeds had sprouted and some grass had grown. The grass had grown about 2-3 inches. I attribute my project no drying out to either other people watering it for me, or the fact that I had placed my “grass beard” in an Arduino case, and had it filled to the top. When I checked, there was still a lot of water sitting in the bottom. Some, but not all the seeds had sprouted. I believe this is the case because when wet, the foam that the seeds rest in floats to the top. Which means some of the seeds are not exposed to the water, even if the case is full.






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