Lab 11 – Drawing Machines

Date: April 28th

Author: Andrew Huang

Partner(s): Jacob Park

Materials: Arduino, Stepper motor, wires, plastic arms, Transistor code

Today, we made a drawing arm using two stepper motors and the SH75440NE chip. The hardest part of the lab was hooking up the assembly, as plugging in the pins for every single pin was tedious and I messed up plugging in the ground for part of the lab. Finally, we hooked up the arm assembly, and it worked the first time we put it together. When we put it together, we uploaded the code for continuous and speed control which allowed us to control the speed of the stepper motor through the potentiometer. This allowed us to use the arm and control the functional spinning speed. When we put it all together with another group, both of the arms worked!

What we learned: we learned how to control the stepper motor and it’s speed in arduino, and how to use the transistor to control logic by hooking it up to the pins in arduino.


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