Week 12: Response to Greene – Yizhen(Bond) Luo (Vasudevan)

Internet has changed almost every industry. It changed people’s lifestyle, ways of thinking and the ways to make and create. The internet art discussed in the reading is the form of arts that emerge along with the evolvement of Internet and technology. Through the plenty of example given in the text, what Internet made arts different, I think can be discussed in two dimensions.

The first one is functional changes Internet has made in arts. Internet has is fast, and accessible by anyone with a browser. Anyone who can write the code, who can compose the art content can spread their artwork through their base and host to all over the world. Moreover, as technology develops, more art effects that cannot be achieved in physical world can be achieved within the browsers. This made arts easy, accessible and more free and as a result more people and more creative thoughts get involved and put their art thoughts into reality.

The second one is collaborative and breaking cultural/geographical limit. The Internet makes rapid information transmission across distance possible. With Internet, artists from all over the world can collaborate with each other easily making the internet art project. And the derivative of the across-the-world collaboration is the interchange of cultures and the new creativity.


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