Rachel Greene’s “Web Work: A History of Net Art” (CHEN) (blt277)

The article was very reminiscent of the past two articles we read, all of whom covered the topics of computer and technology as a form of artwork a medium for which art is made. The article “Web Work: A History of Net Art”, by Rachel Green is interesting in a sense that it covered the beginning and I mean the very beginning of net art. She discusses the way in which the name was coined and the impacts that it had for artists to discover a new type of media or outlet that art could be made from. This new type of art created a community in which artists could find similarities within one another.

The most intriguing part of the article that I read involved the impact of net art in Eastern Europe after the post-communist and neo-liberal movement. Net.art became a way for people to express their ideas in a new type of media. Internet net art brought forth the idea of easily shareable art. It allowed people all over the world to share their designs all over the world at a pace unlike ever before.

I highly value the presence of net art because it gave way to new types of media art. It gave the space for art to be created in a virtual world. In a sense, internet art has given the possibility of computers to be more than just a tool for completing a task faster or more efficiently. It gave birth to a new art form that allowed a mass of people to have jobs in the fields of graphics, animation, etc. IMA is pretty much a version of internet art and without it, this major that I love so much would not exist!  Net art has definitely changed over time but the advancements keep making it better and better each time. I can’t wait to see how art progresses in about 10 years or so.

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