The Alert Bracelet Tuesday Updates (Gabriela and Sidra)

We started off by creating a Temboo for Gmail API. To do this, we had to verify one of ours Gmail accounts to get the verification key (which required activating a foreign number a the Chinses one did work for some reason). Then, we set the title of the alert email to “HELP ALERT” and the body to “I need help. Please, come as soon as possible.” We decided that the email is going to be sentwhen the button is pressed from “Grandma’s” account: to Sidra’s account (“close relative”). The next step included generating the code and connecting MRK1000. Initially, we had problems connecting MKR1000. It turned out the the one we checked out was broken. Thus, we managed to obtain another MKR1000 which worked just fine. The second problem was the the working MKR100 was not connecting to the WIFI because we did not include the WIFI password in the code. At that point we tested our code without having connected the button yet. As we input a value into the Serial monitor, the shown below email was sent to Sidra’s account:

gmail sent

After a minute, the HELP ALERT email showed up in Sidra’s inbox:

gmail inbox


However, later on we encountered some problems. Our email was sent out once and we could not make it send again. So, to troubleshoot, we decided to set up a entirely new gmail account with a Polish Phone number (Gmail does not accept Chinese phone numbers for authentication purposes, which makes it really difficult). So we set an account called and set the message content to “Help!” We generated new Temboo code and everything started workings as intended. The following video shows that once a button is pressed (we added a pushbutton), Sidra receives an email from

If the button is pressed multiple times, Sidra receives multiple emails:


Finally, this is our final working code:

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