1) Title of Short: Barco
2) Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.59.12 PM


4) Barco is a 2D hand drawn animation that blends in the 3D world as well. It is a story about discovery and about encountering something that you have never encountered before.
5) Ben Lei Sound Design
7) My story for animation was first inspired by a book that i was reading called sapiens, It’s a book about human evolution, I was fascinated by thinking of the moments that humans learned or realized that doing things differently could bring new discoveries. For example the first person who ever thought about floating something on water and therefore being able to travel on water, I was planning on creating a short about this moment how I imagined it would be like for the first ever homo sapien. My plan ended up shifting at the end and i took it more bear bones and made it abstract a discovery among two worlds the 2D and 3D mediums representation of the discovery between man and water.
8) The technique used to make this animation was hand drawn frame by frame animation with pencil and then scanned into after effects. Also an eraser might have been used lol. After effects was a huge player and i used trapcode form to create the 3D assets and particles.
9) Learned so much but the best thing was learning how to take something that exist in our world like a pencil drawing and giving it life, i had only previously done 3D animations before but never more “Artistic” explorations like pencil animation in 2D.

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