Week14: Final Film – “Dinner” by Tian (Tim)


by Jingtian Zong


Description: Escape into a world of imagination from the dinner table.

Credit to: Yaming Xu & Jingyi Wang for acting in original footages, Jianghao Hu for piano.

Moodboard: https://phantomaaaa.tumblr.com

The Story:

The story is about diving into a world of fantasy while having dinner with alcoholics. I originally wanted to present how depressed one can be when he/she cannot be part of others who are all having fun, but it ended up open why the person has that fantasy since I didn’t include the sound of other people talking. I kind of like it to be open but I know that some audience might be confused. In the future it might be better to find a balance between leaving space for audience and making the story clear. The structure of the film didn’t change much, still traveling from real world to imagination and back to the real world.


The softwares I used were Animate, Illustrator, After Effects, Reaper and Premiere. Most pre-production was completed in Animate, drawn frame by frame and they took a very long time. Some of the stills were drawn separately in Illustrator. I applied rotoscope partly for drawing and referred to some tutorial on motion when drawing the bird and the feather. After that I imported swf and ai files into After Effects and made more timeline animation, adding masks and inverting color. My audios were a mix of recorded foley sounds (for example the bird’s wing was created with a flag) and sounds I found online. I recorded the piano piece with my friend Jianghao playing. I edited and manipulated some sounds in Reaper, cutting them to the length I want, adjusting the speed, adjusting the pitch so it would fit in with my clip and atmosphere. Finally I imported the integrated clips and audio file into Premiere to do final editing.

And More:

I learnt a lot about drawing frame by frame, especially about motion and transformation. I learnt different softwares especially After Effects which allow me to loop, invert, and time remap footages. It was my first time to edit a whole film (although short) by myself, I think I learnt also a lot about how to pacing the film, how to edit creatively and how to utilize audio to expand the world of my film and present things not in the frame. There are still a lot I want to explore in animation such as design, color, the movement of frame and different strategy to tell a story. Looking forward to creating more animation in the future!

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