HW10 Immersive Soundscape by David, Reine and Diana

IMA side doesn’t allow me to upload the AIFF format so I just upload it to google drive.

Link for the sound: https://drive.google.com/a/nyu.edu/file/d/0BzZ6RMX2hG5HbWdXbW1FeS13Smc/view?usp=sharing

The sound is used for the beginning of our final project. First, people will hear the sound of fire. Suddenly people will hear a bird sound. Then there will be an explosion. Finally, people will hear some chicken sounds. We want to create a scene that a phoenix wants to wake up from the fire, but something wrong happens and he becomes a chicken. I adjusted the height and the distance of the sound in Max, but it became less obvious after I recorded them in Audacity.

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