The Immersive Soundscape of HATCH/宝贝 (Nicole + Saphya)

Finding Sound

Screenshot (453)

“Coins 1” by ProjectsU012 aka Happy Noise

“8-Bit Wrong 2” by TheDweebMan aka Wrong Noise

“8bit-harmony-lowcutoff-envelope” by DirtyJewbs aka Theme Music

We stuck with chiptune and 8-bit audio, to go with the oldie feel of our game.

In-game Music

Screenshot (452)

  1. Sad Noise: this sound is activated whenever a heart is removed

2. Happy Noise: this sound is activated every time the plater satisfies the qilin by scanning the Vuforia markers, giving the qilin pizza and/or coffee

3. Theme Music: this sound is constant and plays on awake on loop


Google Tango Spatial Sound Experiment

Using the same audio, Sean helped us make a Unity scene for the Tango in which users can walk around in a 3D soundscape and approach orbs that had an AudioSource attached. You would hear the sound clearer the closer you got to the orb and fainter the farther you were.


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