Exercise 6 (Developing Web)

I didn’t get around to creating something on my own beginning with how my code wouldn’t work in class. I didn’t really know where the problem was with the code example for the Google maps example, so I missed it.

After class, I tried browsing through the Google maps documentation to figure it out on my own, but I simply got confused. So I thought, why not find another API to study? But the ones that I found that were supposedly easy, like Twitter, were definitely written for people who already knew how to do things, and I was mostly just confused by what was node.js was or how to even fetch data or know if I was fetching data, and I definitely didn’t know how to use the data. It also didn’t help that I just had no idea what to even do with data from Twitter or Google maps or the social APIs. This was when I realized I would probably have no ideas when it comes to the generic APIs so I went looking for stranger ones.

That was how I ended up finding the PokeAPI on a Reddit for cool APIs. But even finding this, their documentation wasn’t exactly beginner friendly–I still had to have some idea of what APIs were and how to use them to use the API. So by the time I went for help and figured it out a little bit, I already figured that I was going to use this for my final project, so essentially, my exercise 6 was the beginning of my final project.

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