Week 13: Greene Response – Szetela

Rachel Greene’s Internet Art shows how artists have employ¬†online technologies (websites in general) to create new forms of art, and to move into fields normally beyond what one would deem the “artistic realm.”

I think what is really interesting about the advent of the Internet is that the Internet Art feels quite different than¬†artwork that has been created in the past because it has the opportunity to be created and experienced by so many people. Many people that are not “artists,” including me, have used the Internet and technology to create and explore art. The Internet has made many people that would have never considered themselves an a artist or a creator. The Internet has also provided lots of opportunity to view others artwork, to become influenced by others and to continually expand the domain of knowledge that goes into creating art. Technology in general has also allowed art to take on many new forms, whether its interactive, video, audio, even collaborative in real-time (reddit’s pixel art – the place).

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