W1 Exercise: Sketching and Drawing

In the first week of class, we worked on an exercise that encourages us to make decisions and really own up to that decision. The said exercise is the exercise of making an optical illusion by drawing straight lines that curve around the area where our hands are. For this exercise, I initially just drew as instructed. However, these lines reminded me of strings and so I figured, why not connected them and make it such that it looks like they’re actually part of one string?! And so I did just that and the result was pretty decent. I also added a little accent on top and below. I also added some nails by using the negative space.


The next exercise was drawing patterns on grids. For this exercise, I initially did all the patterns within the boundaries of the grids. However, I figured that they look nicer when I play with the boundaries by drawing past the boundaries and even make the patterns in one grid interact with other patterns in other grids.


The next part of the exercise is to draw a stone structure. In this exercise, we are to draw a balanced structure of rocks, which reminds me of inuksuk, a stone balancing art done by the Inuits.

When doing this exercise, I remembered that I have previously drawn stones in the previous exercise. I then decided to make the stones I have made previously “interact” with the ones in the balanced structure.


For the last exercise, we were to draw characters by using geometrical shapes of the ruler. I figured I could also make these characters interact with drawings from the previous exercise. I made one of the character holds onto the rope that I drew in the grids and another character showing a painful expression because he’s got his head hit by the stone of the balanced stone structure.


I guess one of the biggest lessons I learnt from this exercise (besides owning up the decision I make), is that there’s always room to add some playfulness to everything (or most things, I suppose). I played around with the objects in this exercise and especially in the last exercise, I think I’ve managed to add some playfulness with the character pulling the rope from the grid exercise and another character being hit by a rock. I think one of the thing that makes toy fun is its playful elements, something that screams “fun” even before we interact/engage with it. I hope I can keep on incorporating some playfulness into projects I’ll be working on this semester!

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