App Critique Week1

Da zhong dian ping (大众点评) is the Chinese Version of Yelp. I used it a lot in China. Actually, after I came to United States,  I started the app out of habit. Then the app automatically switched my location to Washington. Just like how it worked in China, it started to recommend me some place to eat around the campus and also museums. It also showed me the way to the nearest Macy’s and issued some coupons. I am really surprised that this app is working worldwide whilea lots of Chinese app has a strong area restriction. I think what I would change is that instead of just giving recommendations, I would also have some functions like “paying the bill on line with a discount”, “place order and free pickup” since it has those functions in China and it worked out really well. To increase the usability world wide, or have it attached to some other software like paypal to make it easier for people to use it because payment is always what people care about the most. Also, Chinese has extremely awesome food delivery system. If they can enable users to enjoy a more convience delivery system, it woul dbe really great.

3 thoughts on “App Critique Week1

  1. I used Dianping in China a lot not only for restaurant searching but also buying the coupon! I do think Dianping is such a good app. It is similar to wechat that it combines so many apps in this one small app. It has basically everything realted to your daily life, such as buying movie tickets, karaoke hours, and more. When I talked to the local in Prague, the first question I ask to them is that what is the app you use for restaurant searching. He told me people here use Foursquare. It is a good app but compares to dianping, it has few functions.

  2. I didn’t know this existed! It’s great it automatically switched to your location! Is it pretty accurate? I understand the want for it to offer ordering and food pickup and paying online. Every time I head back to the US, at least once I will start to go to Wechat to pay and remember that this kind of payment (virtual and on the phone) isn’t as popular. Does this app let you see pictures of the places it directs you to? Does it offer a 360 photo option so you can see what’s around it? Google Maps does these things, so that’s why I ask. Does the app only offer its services in Chinese? If so and if its accurate, this may be an app I download!

  3. I didn’t know I can use dianping abroad until your post! So I tried, although the restaurants information is kind of limited in Paris, I’m happy to be more familiar with the restaurants around me by checking them out. Foursquare works here as well.

    I’m more interested in buying cheaper tickets from dianping, because after locating myself into Paris, my homepage is full of touring to tickets: the Louvre, cruise, tour bus etc. And that reminds me that I bought my first French phone number before even coming here from talbao, and I can buy Paris Disney ticket from taobao for half of the price as well! – THE IMPACT OF CHINESE TECH ARE EVERY WHERE, if you ever find something, you can always find out.

    Scared of losing my wallet in Paris subway everyday, I do hope Alipay and wechat pay can be a worldwide thing. Believe it or not, I heard that some Chinese streetfood in New York started accepting Wechat pay – but with 1 : 7 currency rate.

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