Week 2: Photoshop (Cici & Alvin)

The first image I used in this assignment is a landscape of Chinatown in New York City. I actually ordered this image as a tapestry to hang in my dorm room.  I began editing by cropping this photo to get rid of the white borders. Then I used the quick selection tool to remove the pale sky surrounding the buildings.

Image Source: https://society6.com/product/new-york-city-summer-street_print#s6-1385128p4a1v45



Next I used this photo I took while visiting New York. I removed theNY snapchat overlay by using Photoshop’s fill tool.

Then I layered this behind my first image so the city appears to have a natural blue sky.




When I moved onto my third photo I began by first increasing the exposure since it was very shadowy. Then I used the quick select tool to capture Louis and I and create another layer. I then used the eraser to clean up the area between our legs and the edges. I added this layer on top of the other two and shrunk it down so we blend in with the people on the street.


This is the end product.


The drastic difference in resolution between the larger cityscape and the smaller human figures (circled in red) was an artistic choice. It serves as a portrait of city life where the people are lost in the hustle and bustle, as well as an intimate portrait of two people sharing their lives together.


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