Interaction Lab(Moon) Recitation 1: Basic Circuits, Hanlu Zhang (Mary)

Interaction Lab Recitation 1

  • Date: September, 8th, 2017
  • Instructor: Moon
  • Partner: Lily wang
  • Aim: Creating three simple circuits on a breadboard based on the circuit diagrams
  • Materials needed: 
    • 1 * Breadboard
    • 1 * LM7805
    • 1 * Buzzer
    • 1 * Push-Button Switch
    • 1 * 220 ohm Resistor
    • 1 * LED
    • 1 * Variable Resistor
    • 1 * Power Supply and Leads
    • Hookup Wires
  • Schematics (
  • Exercise 1

1.The first difficult we meet is we don’t know how to connect the breadboard and the power supply, with the help of a fellow, we figure out this problem.

2. The second problem we have is for switch, first we put it in on half of breadboard, but it doestn’t work.

(wrong way)

3.Than a fellow told us that we should put it in between the two parts, and connect the wires in the diagonal.

4.Finally we finish our first exercise!


(There is something wrong with the video, I have no ieda of why it happened. I’m really sorry about that)

  • Questions

What’s the circuit inside the switch? Why connecting the diagonal can make it always work?

  • Exercise 2
  1. The first difficult we meet is that we feel confused with the voltage regulator pinout. and we don’t know how to place it, vertically orhorizontally. With the instructions of fellow, we f=made clear that it should be placed like the picture below, or it will cause short circuit.
  2. Then we finish it!


  • Exercise 3
  1. First we put all the matrials in the circuit, but we didn’t follow the order provided, than it doesn’t work, so we change the order and it works.


  • Questions

1.As I learned in Senior high, if it’s a series circuit, than the order won’t influence as long as the LED is in right oder. So I want to know why in exercise 3, the oreder affected the result.

2. We also tried to connect the variable resistor and  buzzer, but the buzzer won’t work unless the resistor is very small, is it because the resistor is too big caused the current is too small for the resistor?



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