Week 1: Response to ‘The Machine Stops’ (Krom)

A very thought provoking short novel by E.M. Forster written in 1909 that depicts a dystopian future where mankind does not live on ground level anymore due to it being hazardous and is over reliant on technology. It shows us the impacts technology has on personal health, lifestyle and relationships as shown with the 2 protagonists of the story. This novel really reminded me of Pixar’s 2008 Animated movie, WALLE-E which has a very similar storyline to that of this.

The first person interactions between Kuno and his mother Vashti gave 2 very contrasting opinions on the use of technology where one(Vashti) swore by its use whereas the other(Kuno) felt it was holding back humans as they forgot machines weren’t Gods but rather made by ordinary men. The interactions between these 2 and the later rift that was present really expressed a very realistic scenario of disagreement and the actions taken by both parties after that.

The punchline was the ending where the story truly related back to its title and highlighted the repercussions of being too reliant on just ‘one’ thing and disregarding any other possibilities, and hence…”The Machine Stops”.

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