Week 2: Response to Moana with Sound

I stayed until the end of the movie and I had to say that Moana with Sound is really an amazing work! The original shooting are amazing, and the fact that all the sounds are post-sync with the images just makes it more amazing. I was especially drawn away by the laughter of the people in the movie. Although there are times when the soundtrack doesn’t 100% fit with the image, which is actually quite often, their laughter is strangely attractive to me. Different kinds of laughter at different scenes including the little boy having fun in the water and the most unforgettable, the female lead’s laughter when she is with her husband. Laughing is probably the hardest part to sync since there are speaking parts embedded in them, and you have to laugh “genuinely.” Those scenes are necessary to the entire movie because it shows that they enjoy their life full of hard work including catching fish, collecting coconuts, holding ritual events, and so on. The life style has become a part of themselves, and each single event seems to connect with other events and represents the repetitive living mode, while their laughter is the lubricant in between. Therefore, they are really successful laugh scenes which gave me the sense of happiness.

At last I would like to add that I really appreciate the spirit of Monica Flaherty which she took on the “responsibility” of adding sounds to her father’s original filmed movie, to make it more complete.

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