The goals for this assignment was to create a very simple circuit that allowed a LED to be switched on and off using with a single cell battery and to become familiar with felting.

Because I missed this class, I wasn’t sure where exactly to start when deciding what sort of design I wanted to make or how to make it. I turned to Pinterest for the answer. This was a mistake because I saw what was possible rather than what I was cable of creating. I still really want to make an adorable 3D felted cat, but that will have to be a project for another time. In the end, I enlisted a friend in the class to teach me the felting basic and got to work with more realistic expectations.

I love the cosmos and the stars, so I decided my more realistic project would be some sort of light up star, very suiting this project. What’s more, during my Pinterest and Google exploration, I noticed that there was a simple hack to creating interesting felting projects, using a cookie cutter. Luckily, I’m also love baking and have a small collection of cookie cutters on hand, one of which happened to be a star! Using this star to guide me, I set about felting. First I create the base, one star-shaped piece of felt. Then I created a little platform that would prevent the LED from being switched on at all moments. This was a little bar or block of felt that would prop up one of the LED legs.

After my little felt platform was created, I set about felting together the top layer of the star. This one, I completed to about 75% cohesive, as I figured I needed to felt the two layers together and it would come together more easily if they were a bit unfinished. I probably should have applied the same logic to the bottom layer, but that’s a lesson for next time. I assembled all the layers within the cookie cutter, and felted them together.

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  1. Read and accepted. I’m glad you got a friend to help with your project. One thing that is helpful is felt does not fray at the edges, so you can cut them into more intricate shapes if you’d like. But the cookie cutter method also works. I’m glad you learned about the idea of “scope” for projects and realized that a 3D cat would have been a wonderful project but not appropriate for the time constraints of this assignment.

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