Week 5: Response to Embrace the Remix (Chen)

The TedTalk “Embrace the Mix” was very interesting to watch. I honestly never knew that back then singers also copied and transformed music to make it their own. However, I think what Bob Dylan did was a genius move because nobody can really invent something new all the time. There is always a foundation or an idea that people need to build off from. Although the video talks about multi-touch from the first iPhone, as an idea that was already created, this also reminds me of Apple vs Samsung. These two companies are always competing and stealing one another’s idea to make their phones the next big thing. When Samsung introduced its very first big screen phone, Apple did not agree with it at all. However, due to the high sales that Samsung was getting, Apple came out with the iPhone 5 with a larger screen. This video truly made me agree with the fact that we are truly dependent on one another and we are always building off ideas from one another. Like Kirby Ferguson says in the video, “Our creativity comes from without, not from within”.  

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