Week 6: Response to Jonathan Lethem(Chen)

Jonathan Lethem’s ‘The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism’, reminds me of the Ted talk that was assigned last week. Just like how Bob Dylan said about embracing used ideas to create something new, Lethem states the same thing. Lethem states that it is okay for writers and artists to reference other writers and artists because that is how new works are created. He argues that our society has been so focused on private ownership that it has created a negative impact on our society. By restricting people to use others’ works as guides, it makes us rather slow in every field of work individuals want to advance in. Thus, I totally agree with Lethem and his ideology of what plagiarism should be viewed as. The word “plagiarism” should not consort itself with the words of “reference” and of “guide” because those words are used to help people with their own ideas.

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