Generative Type

For this particular assignment, I decided to hit the ground running with the Font that I thought of during our Monday class’s brainstorm, which ultimately boils down to letters created from a number of triangles.

After Wednesday’s class, I was definitely inspired by the lecture on pixel fonts, not necessarily in terms of generating “pixels,” but instead because I knew I would be able to use what we learned to instead program vertices for shapes. At first, I attempted to create triangles using the triangle function, but reverted to what we learned in previous classes in the name of simplicity. I then redrafted my letters in a way that all of the shapes were overlayed on top of a 5×5 grid, so that all of the vertices would fit properly on this grid, with the knowledge that an “external” variable would control the size of the letters (i.e. multiplying the initial tiny letter grid by the size variable).

Once I began coding, it quickly became a game of nested arrays. At first, I was pretty terrified, haunted by memories of freshmen year coding woes where arrays kept me up at night in confusion. But this time around, I found it much more intuitive! I think that may be because I did it kind of piecemeal. Rather than saying, “I need three letters made up of maximum tree triangles made up of three vectors” and coding the structure of the nested arrays, I wrote the code first for triangles, then the for loops for spawning letters, then the structure that holds the letters. Honestly, pretty proud of my self here.

After getting the letters done, I decided to jazz it up a bit by having the color scheme be some what randomly generated, but from a subset of colors that reminded me of jam. Jams of all kind, blueberry, grape, strawberry, etc.

Anyway here’s the sketch and some pics of early drafting! If I have time over the weekend, I’ll try to add a letter with 4 triangles (R) and play around with having multiple lines of text.

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