Soft Toy Progress and Response to Videos

I really enjoyed creating the pattern for the soft toy because I got to return to drawing again. It was a lot of fun creating the character, a tree. Rather than just making a tree I decided to make it so that the roots are like the feet, the branches are arms and hands, and the canopy is hair.

One part that was difficult was transferring the drawing from my sketchbook to the paper used for patterns. Comparatively, tracing the pattern onto the fabric went well. Unfortunately, like the drawing exercises in class, I work relatively slowly and wasn’t able to finish cutting all the fabric in the time given.

I think that the idea of making these toys from recycled materials is very cool. This makes toys accessible to a much wider audience than before and that is hugely important. I think that it is also noble to be creating these toys with the aim of teaching kids about science. However, when I am just being told exactly how this toy relates to this scientific concept, I find it a little boring. I think it is better to just let people play with the toy and figure it out themselves.

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